Take advantage of the "Stimulus"!

Take advantage of the "Stimulus" package.....

On your purchases of capital equipment up to $800,000 you may take the following depreciation:

*  Section 179 allows you an immediate depreciation of $250,000 (that's for 2008, see your CPA for 2009).   Example:  $800,000 - $250,000=$550,000.


*  Bonus:  You get a special 50% Bonus write off of the overage.

   Example:  50% of $550,000 = $275,000.


* Regular depreciation applies to the remainder.

  Example:  1/7th of 275,000 = $39,285.

Results?  Your $800,000 purchase this year only cost you $235,715!  Be certain to confirm with your CPA but I think my numbers are correct.

Call me, let's talk about your equipment needs.


Ron Hendricks


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